Wild Woman Weekend

June 25-27 2021

6879 60th Ave, Remus, MI 49340

Red Tent West Michigan dreams of  a future where every woman has the inspiration, support, and resources to awaken her full potential and inner Wild Woman.  Women and girls are the world’s greatest untapped resource, and we believe that empowering women is the fastest way possible to create global change.  Wild Woman Weekend is one way that we aim to contribute to this change.

Red Tent West Michigan embraces and promotes the following values:

Self-Responsibility and Care: 
We prioritize and promote self-care, self-responsibility and conscious choice. This is where our power and potential resides for cultivating true and sustainable change
Ease and Simplicity: 
We continuously seek to simplify our structure and processes for the ease, enjoyment and benefit of all. We encourage this approach towards all areas of work and life to intentionally create greater harmony, flow and happiness.
Nurturing of Solutions: 
We encourage our team and guests to see how every challenge is “On the way, not in the way”, viewing every encounter as an opportunity for improvement and a way to get closer to our goals and dreams
We encourage all women to exercise courage in extending themselves to learn and implement new ideas, take risks, challenge their perspectives and express their fullest potential
We seek to nurture deep connection, exploration and celebration of true self, sisterhood and community to inspire authentic expression as well as collaborative and compassionate action for the betterment of all humanity.
We prioritize a harmonious relationship with the great mother our Earth, and the beings upon her by being mindful of our impact, and by making choices that are respectful to the land and those around us. 

This event is held at a wildlife sanctuary in Remus Michigan.  It is rustic camping, with an outdoor solar heated shower, and newly constructed out houses and porta-johns.  


We are a tribe of women, and work together as such, sharing costs and responsibilities. Our event is based on a tribal philosophy.  That means that everyone pays, everyone pitches in, and everyone is equal.  We will no longer be charging Presenters, or Performers.  Anyone who charges money for their service will pay a vendors fee.   The one caveat is that because they are performing a service, they do not have a chore duty.  Those who come to participate but who are not teaching, performing, or vending do however pitch in with chores for the weekend.  This is how we keep costs low, and make the event not only affordable for everyone, but also sustainable.  We produce very little trash and keep a very clean environment. 


As a tribe of sisters we care for the land, for one another, and for ourselves. 


For the 3rd year in a row Red Tent West Michigan will be collecting donations of menstrual products for Every Woman's Place; a domestic violence shelter in the city of Muskegon, where we are located.  Every woman who registers will be asked to please bring a donation of pads, tampons, cups, cloth pads or other feminine hygiene products as they see fit.  Shelters are always in need of these items, and Red Tent West Michigan is happy to contribute where and when they can.  

Our first year!