Wild Woman Weekend

June 25-27 2021

6879 60th Ave, Remus, MI 49340

 Meet Our Presenters 

in alphabetical order

Autumn Rose Norris

Autumn Rose is an Energy Work based Healer, who uses techniques from all over the globe to provide Balancing and Healing sessions for her Clients. Autumn is a Certified Relaxation Therapist, Shinpiden Reiki Master and Teacher, a Certified Herbalist and Life Coach. She likes to Spend her free time Reading, Practicing Yoga, Watching Documentaries, and Traveling. Autumn currently lives in East Lansing with her husband and 3 Sons, where she runs her own "Diversity Infused Literacy Lessons" Program in the local school systems: Bringing lessons of Literacy, Kindness and Tolerance to the world around us.

Chelsea Woudstra

Chelsea Lee Woudstra is a Lovingly Transformative Force! Among other things, she's a Massage Therapist, Body Worker, Hair Artist, Yogini, Teacher, Speaker, Mentor, and Leader. She has been working in the wellness and beauty industry for over fifteen years, and has a deep rooted passion for helping others. Chelsea Lee practices a vast range of modalities, including Sound Therapy, Guided Meditation, Breathwork, Trapeze Yoga, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release Technique,Muscle Energy Technique, Hot Stone, Energy Work, Acupressure, Acupuncture and more. She has trained at Aveda, and Vidal Sassoon Institutes in Florida, Michigan, and London, England. Work in the industry, has taken her to Florida, Colorado, and Michigan. Chelsea is always looking for new ways to delve deeper into the work of creating a brighter self, and future for the universe. Her Life's Mission is to Reveal the Inner Beauty in each and every being she meets, through authenticity and tailored practices. She aims to help bring others into their greatest alignment, working from the inside out, and on all levels. Happy to metaphorically (or literally) hold your hand, and hold up the mirrors that you need to see. Chelsea Lee also enjoys spending time in nature, and with her daughter, husband, and pets. Art, music, and self-discovery have been paramount in her life from day one! You can connect with Chelsea Lee in person at both Abundance Salon and Spa Services LLC, or Grand Rapids Natural Health. Both located on the NW side of Grand Rapids. She is also available for local, national, and global speaking and virtual events and classes.. Learn More at:

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Heather Dexter, N.D., Holistic Doula, CBE, graduated from NITE with her Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor Degree in 2013. She is a Natural Childbirth Educator, a Holistic Doula, a Certified Reiki Master/Practitioner, Therapeutic Yoga Guide and a Mother of Three Beautiful Humans.
Heather enjoys assisting clients in finding their truth through liberation in options and choice. 
"I work with clients in a one on one setting to empowering them to make decisions in their health. Together we create a natural program that encompasses whole body-soul alignment pertinent to divine purpose allowing them to find balance in their body in order to eliminate any ailments they may have.  
I love seeing clients leave my office feeling empowered and in control of their health, thus enabling them to heal from within.”  Learn More at:

Heather Spataro-Courson has been practicing yoga for over a decade. While modifying her practice in 2014 due to a series of surgical procedures, she wound up developing her own unique way to yoga. "Tzigame" yoga or Gypsy Yoga, a multi-technique intuitive fusion, has been her primary practice for the past 4 years. Heathers' primary career, besides being a wife and mother of three boys, is as a professional makeup artist and has be mastering her craft for 20 years. She is the owner/master artist at Spataro Precision Aesthetics and though she works in all aspects of makeup, she specializes in Production: (commercial, film and celebrity).  Learn more At:

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Maria Studer

Maria Studer is a eclectic pagan that has been walking this path for over 20 years. 

Her beliefs stem from a myriad of different paths and wisdoms that have rung true to her soul and continues to be a student of life. She has taught classes at Detroit Conjure and Folk Magic Festival, as well as at Pagan Fest. An has done class on Empowering women, along with leading Rituals and Ceremonies. 

She enjoys Empowering women to help them.see and find their inner strength and power. In her day to day life she is a Gardner and enjoys bringing beauty to the world around her with plants. 

Mary Standing Otter

All over the world people are awakening to the power and beauty of Earth based Ceremony and Celebration. We are remembering who we are.We are healing ourselves and our relationships with others and we are attempting to weave the world in new ways of connection and balanced interdependence. We are recreating true communities or Tribe.


“It is not enough to use facebook or twitter to try and build true connections. We need to relearn how to live together in local communities and use social media to for help, support, and connections between communities.”


Mary Standing Otter is a guide in this process through Ceremony, Healing Work, Workshops, and music.


She is a medicine woman and ceremonial alchemist in The Medicine Wheel Way of the Twisted Hairs, has walked this Path for over 25 years and has crossed through her Rite Of Passage as an Elder. Mary travels the world helping to create communities, spirit dances, ceremonies and workshops rooted in spiritual integrity and personal empowerment. She is also a Sacred Pipe Carrier and Purification Lodge Chief. As a Healer and Dreamer, Mary’s focus is on creating strong and sacred space for the healing and growth that happens in the teachings and ceremony she shares.  Her work is designed to help each person learn to heal themselves and become centered, loving, responsible Beings who help rebuild community through the reclamation of ceremony and spiritual connection.


 Dear Friends~


In the last few years I have been traveling: planting ‘spirit’ seeds, starting a school and nurturing communities and women’s circles. We are forming a global community through the connection of our similar experiences and visions for ourselves, our lives and our Grandmother planet. 


I have met so many wonderful people both online and in person in the last few years. It keeps me hopeful and helps me continue to grow and face beautiful and terrifying changes in the best of ways. Thank you all for including me in your journeys in whatever way you have done so. It is always my honor to be part of the lives of other courageous souls.


As I write this, a woodpecker is tapping on my window. “Wake up” he says to all of us, “Wake up and remember who you are!”


Many Bright Blessings, 


Mary Standing Otter 


For More Info: 

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Michele Lussky

Michele DeVoe Lussky is a Creativity Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, Writer, and Editor who created Shamama because she saw people all around her who are stuck, discouraged or full of fear--people who are unable to tell their story, explore with child-like abandon, live their authentic life, or manifest their dreams. She helps people know, trust, and express themselves by sharing the unique tools that she has gleaned from 25 years of teaching college writing and leading creativity workshops--sessions she calls "journeying within". Michele holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in English Language and Literature; taught college Writing and Literature for 16 years--most recently at GVSU where she also held an administrative position at the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center; and led several non-profit and educational programs. She has completed graduate-level coursework or professional development in: pedagogy, creative writing, trauma-informed counseling, publishing, art therapy, growth mindset, and inclusive/equitable practices. She employs non-traditional methods which encourage peak creative performance, including: shamanism, embodied creativity, mindfulness, archetypal symbolism, mandala-making, laughter yoga, yoga, breathwork, and meditation. Some of these were gleaned from life experiences, but many were from formal workshops and certification processes (e.g. She is a Certified Breathwork Facilitator with David Elliot). She also is a Certified Comprehensive Sexuality Educator, environmental advocate, and intuitive--which all inform her as a creativity coach. Michele gently and enthusiastically assists with every stage of the writing process and is passionate about helping others tap into their creativity, find their voice, unleash their power, and discover their calling. Through both conventional and unconventional methods (such as somatic awareness, breathwork meditation, drumming, doodling, and mandala-making), she can help you release old baggage and blocks--and embrace your pure creative force. Her work is steeped in self-compassion, kindness, intuition, positivity, and practicality.  Learn more at:

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Suzy Adra

Suzy is an artist, certified yoga instructor, certified energy healing practitioner, and certified trauma release practitioner. She currently writes for yogapedia.com and facilitates yoga, trauma release, breathwork and creativity workshops. Suzy holds a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Her dissertation is entitled: The States of Presence and Insight in the Painting Process. She is the creator of ArtKeyTypes and Bīja Healing Sanctuary in Italy.  Learn More at:


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Muskegon, Michigan


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