Wild Woman Weekend

June 26-28 2020

6879 60th Ave, Remus, MI 49340

Workshops and Ceremonies 

in alphabetical order

Self Healing through Light

Healing and Restoration: Through Light and through Night


"We have both a spirit and a soul housed in our bodies. One reaches up while the other reaches out."


We need both the light and the Darkness to heal and restore ourselves to our divine empowered nature. It's all about balance. Realizing we are a spiritual being, having a human experience. Perspective and growth from BOTH sides are equally important. 


In THE LIGHT: We discover the nature of our Spirit. Our yearning for divine enlightenment. And the sweet peace we can achieve through light/energy work.


In THE NIGHT: We unearth our core desires. We reconcile with, and even celebrate our human nature. And explore our connection to the powerful figures who have come before us. 


For the Wild Woman Weekend: We will be enjoying THE NIGHT part of the program. Learning the Wild, Deep, Curative nature of Woman, Spirit in the female form. Full of Fire and Strength, but also profound and serene healing waters 


We will discuss the gifts we all share, as well as our History. And get to know our ancestral heritage of the Volva, Heckate, and more...




Yoni Meditation

"Activate and Cleanse your seven core chakras, beginning with, and through, the seat of Goddess, your Sacral Chakra! Utilizing hip-centric and spinal movements, along with raw vocal toning, and guided trance meditation, we'll unlock your deep connection to the Divine Feminine Power in Gaia, and You!"


Womb Re-Connection

This womb anointing, meditation and visualization is designed to guide women in reconnecting with self. Often times, we may feel; disconnected from ourselves, more invested in the health and care of others or like we have lost self-identity after birthing. This womb ceremony is designed for self observation and discovery, in order to unravel the innate wisdom waiting to be reconnected inside you.

Soul Retrieval

Each time we encounter a Hurt, Feel Neglected, Witness Pain or Walk with someone through their Trauma, we may Give away a Piece of our soul as a means to connect empathically, to ease the suffering or to show how much we care. Join Heather as she guides your meditative process in order to locate lost pieces of yourself and observe these experiences as you are now, allowing yourself to feel, then inviting these pieces of your soul to rejoin your Soul essence.


Gypsy Yoga

A multi-technique class infusing yoga, meditation and dynamic stretching; this practice invites you to wander into the depths of your intuitive movement, flowing through structured postures and dance. Break free from judgement and move into self compassion.

Open to all levels - modifications given

Healing Ancestral Traumas

Healing Ancestral Traumas and helping heal humanity as a whole.


In this class we will be discussing ways to heal our ancestral traumas through daily Rituals, guided meditation, drumming & chanting. If you have a drum please feel free to bring it as well as any rattles you might have. 

Together we can help heal humanity.

Say "I Do" to You!

The path to truly being happy starts with the relationship that you have with yourself. For "You" alone hold the keys to your happiness!

An like any relationship it takes dedication, understanding, compassion, empathy and love.

We will talk about what vows would you say to yourself. An you will be making your own vows to say to yourself. 

At the end of class we will be holding a ceremony  in which you will all be saying your vows  to be witnessed by all whom choose to attend!

Feel free to dress up for the ceremony! This is your big day!!!


Medicine Card Journey

When we disconnect from Mother Earth we become unbalanced, harming ourselves and harming Her. We need to reclaim our connection and wildish  nature. 


As human beings it is our birthright, and our duty to develop a connection and relationship with the Earth that we walk upon and all of her children.  One way to begin that connection is to discover what animal guides speak to you, and guide you in your everyday life.  


Join Mary Standing Otter for a journey to the realm of animal beings.  You will be drawing a card from the Medicine Cards, and then she will lead you on a journey with that animal teacher to learn what important message they have to convey to you.


Breathwork + Energy Healing Circle

You are warmly invited to release, heal and transform with breathwork! This transformative session will include: light movement, somatic awareness, conscious breathing techniques, group breathwork and group sharing/integration. The breathing style utilizes active pranayama rhythmic 2-part breath as a catalyst to excavate blocked energy and unprocessed emotions from the body's nervous system, bypassing the analytical brain to efficiently restore a healthy state of balance, creativity, joy, hope, inspiration and abundance! An all-encompassing recharge of body, mind and spirit, this practice is a profoundly effective method for letting go of all that hinders your journey. Led by Breathwork Practitioner and Creativity Coach, Michele Lussky who is level-3 trained by Master Healer David Elliot.

Using a specific--and powerful--breathing method as well as music, sound, guided meditation, essential oils, and rocks/crystals, breathwork will help you to:   

Connect with your inner wisdom  

Improve energy levels  

Relieve stress, anxiety, and depression  

Release strong emotions like grief, fear, guilt, or anger  

Reprogram limiting beliefs that keep you stuck 

Deepen your spiritual connection

This modality helps everyone--including those with PTSD, addiction, anxiety, and other barriers to being emotionally, psychologically, and physically well


ArtKeyTypes is a shamanic journey, a psycho-somatic approach to the painting process which works by embodying the 5 archetypal elements through visualization, breathwork, and movement.

Muskegon, Michigan


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